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Provide customers with systematic semiconductor solutions

Xm-semi (Jiaxing) Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the localized manufacturing of semiconductor equipment. The company integrates research and development, design, assembly and sales, and relies on the Japanese semiconductor equipment technical team. Gradually realize localized manufacturing. At present, it takes substrate material proces...
  • Product heavy quality

    Engineering R&D Team
    Meet customer ordering needs
  • Focus on service

    Customer-oriented to provide
    from the selection
    Design one-stop service
  • Cooperation with heart

    Full service
    Problem solving is our purpose
  • Service localization

    Improve service flexibility and timeliness
    Provide fast service to domestic customers
  • ALL
  • Testing equipment

  • Manufacturing equipment

  • Semiconductor material additive

  • Wafer surface defect inspection operation

  • Semiconductor equipment assembly